Uniquely Designed Kitchen Gadgets that you won’t Believe Really Exist.

When it comes to Art, there is no boundary. Gone are the days when your kitchen was a simple, boring and monotonous place in your home. Nowdays there are so many uniquely designed kitchen gadgets online that will add a ting of a surprise to your culinary life. 

Some of these Kitchen Gadgets are the perfect combination of humor and smartness. So get these ‘Wow!!’ gadgets and delight your eyes and sense of humor along with your taste buds.

  1. Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladles

    You rarely call a soup ladle as a ‘Cute’  But this Loch Ness ‘Nessie’ soup ladle is a perfect example of ‘Cuteness’. If you are a fan of mysteries and legends, then you will definitely love this ‘Cute little Monster’.

    Loch Ness Monster Nessie Soup Ladle

    Loch Ness Monster ‘Nessie’ Soup Ladle

    Lochness Monster Soup ladle

    Lochness Monster 

    source : www.boredpanda.com

  2. Blood Splatter Cutting Board

    A perfect kitchen gadget to frighten your unwanted guests. If poky visitors frequent your house often, then take them to your kitchen and show what you did to your last unwanted visitor. 😛 


    Blood Splatter Cutting Board

  3. Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster.

    A Star Wars fan is always a Star Wars fan. Star Wars merchandise is popular among star wars fans since the first Star Wars movie since 1977. This Star Wars Vader Toaster is a new unique design product these days.

    Star wars Toaster Darth Vader

    Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

    source: www.amazon.com


  4. Spartan Knife Block

    Unleash the real Spartan in you and march in your kitchen to cook like a real warrior. You can’t resist giving the war call like ‘This is Spartaaaa’ or ‘This is Salaaaaddd’ using this Knife block.

    Spartan Knife Block

    Spartan Knife Block

    source: www.gizmodo.com

  5. Vintage Snow Cone Cart.

    If you miss your childhood summer days then you will surely miss the Snow Cone Carts and Ice Cream Vans that frequent your neighbourhood selling delicious snowcones and Ice creams. While looking for best snow cone maker and best ice shaver machine we found this amazing kitchen gadget. If you are a lover of vintage designs then you should one for yourself. 

    best ice shaver

    Nostalgia Ice shaver machine

  6. Spoon Fork Pens.

    Ever found yourself siting for lunch on your office desk and you don’t have spoon or fork to eat. Then this unique Dine set is for you. This is a set of pens with artistic toppers like a spoon, a fork and a knife. Keep this set handy and you can have meal and get back to work without leaving your place.
    Pen Spoon Set

    Pen Spoon topper Setsource: www.dailymail.co.uk

  7. Handheld Veggie Spiralizer.

    These Hand held Vegie spiralizers are very popular these days. Health cautious people love to eat salads all the time and this hand held veggie spiralizer useful. The smart design and handiness is superb.

    veggie spiralizer

    Veggie Spiralizer

    source: www.buzzfeed.com


Most Creative Cake Designs.

Whenever someone speaks of ‘Cake’, you can think of sweet bakery cuisine with sugary icing on it. But cakes aren’t just for a birthday or anniversary celebrations. Some people go beyond just simple sugary icings. They create art forms with cakes and delight their loved ones.

Here we list some of the most unusual and creative cakes that you can’t resist ignoring.

  1. The Rainbow Unicorn cake- For someone who is a fan of fairy tails and unicorns.
    rainbow unicorn cake
  2. Lego Cake- Creative cake for lego lovers, you can play lego and enjoy cake at the same time

    Lego cake

    Lego cake

  3. Nikon Camera Cake- Artistic cake for photographers.

    Nikon Camera Cake

    Nikon Camera Cake

  4. Sewing machine cake- A creative cake for quilting lovers. You can gift them this cake on their birthday and surprise them.

    quilting cake

    quilting cake

  5. The DJ cake- Cake design for lovers of DJ and EDM music.

    DJ cake

    DJ cake

  6. Calculator Cake- A cake for someone from accounting or commerce field, this cake design will surely amaze them.

    cake for accountants

    cake for accountants

  7. Ipad Cake- If the birthday person is a fan of Apple products of an admirer of Steve Jobs, then they would surely like this cake.

    Ipad cake

    Ipad cake

  8. Artist Cake- A cake for art lovers like us. 🙂

    cake for artists

    cake for artists

  9. Basket Ball Cake-A cake for a basketball lover.

    basketball cake

    basketball cake

  10. Chocolate Treat Cakes- If somebody has a sweet tooth and loves eating lots of chocolates, then this cake will surely be an amazing surprise for them.
chocolate treat cake

chocolate treat cake

We hope you like this cake art and you will surely gift cakes like this to your loved ones. If you have any similar cake art ideas, kindly share with us in comments. We will surely feature them here in our blog post.